• Sustainable

    Sustainability has always been key for Reina Olga. 70% of our products are made using recycled fabrics since 2018. The remaining 30% is still a work in progress. We are getting there. As of 2017 our packaging is compostable. It ain't pretty, but it has less negative impact. We never took the time to talk about the sustainability aspect of our company - partly because we didn't want it to come across as a marketing move - pertly because ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  • Made with Love

    Once upon a time, a 27 year old Guia knocked on the door of one of Milan's most prestigious Ateliers in the luxury swimwear and lingerie production sectors. She was greeted and welcomed by the most incredible team of women, who do their job with so much passion and attention to detail. Fast-forward 8 years and the relationship has inevitably grown to feeling like family. I want to express my immense gratitude to these women, first of all for believing in me and in the incredibly small project that it was at the time, and secondly, for still being here today and sharing this crazy ride with me. I love you. - Guia

  • Dream Team

    Reina Olga is not just a company - it's a Family. Over the years we have grown our team, giving opportunities to people who may not have had any kind of relevant qualification or prior experience, but who had DRIVE and PASSION. We listen to our team and always do our best to create circumstances which allow for personal growth and happiness, as well as professional growth. Vale is a key example: she started almost 4 years ago as an intern while finishing university, and is now our Global Head of Sales. She manages a portfolio of 150 wholesale clients, and still finds the time to go surfing every day. how awesome is that?

Meet the Dream Team

  • Guia & Eugenio

    Partners in life, in crime, and in business. When Eu isn't busy managing all the complicated money stuff, you'll catch him Windsurfing, hanging out with his family, and riding his motorbike. Guia does the creative part like designing awesome bikinis and making sure they look great on everyone. She loves getting up to mischief with her beloved family, tennis, the mountains, and Lychees.
  • Valencini

    Valencini started as Guia's life saving intern, and now plays a key role in Reina Olga's operations and growth. When she's not busy bossing everyone around, she can be found surfing in Ericeira and hanging out with her blonde, blue eyed love, her dog and her surfer posse.
  • Marti

    Marti is our E-com boss. She's hilarious, creative, and most probably will pursue a career as a Pop Star and/or dancer for Katy Perry at some point. She loves big cities, pop culture, and music videos. She is inexplicably scared of cats, but loves leopard print.
  • Fli

    Fli is our sexy finance expert. She eats cashflow charts for breakfast and snacks on overdue payments. Sounds like a nerd? a little bit. But boy does she look great in a bikini. When she's not busy negotiating payment terms, you'll find her having an aperitivo in Milan, busting a move at a party, hiking, or getting her ass kicked by Guia on the tennis court.
  • Eli (La Noneta)

    La Noneta joined the family last year for the opening of our flagship store in Sardegna. Her position has grown substantially since joining, mostly because she's awesome, but also because she's a nerd in disguise and speaks Eu's language. She's a total badass and loves the outdoors. Windsurfing, hiking and alpine touring are just a few of this busy bee's passions.
  • Giuli

    A warm welcome to Giulia, our new super duper Social Media Manager!! When she's not busy strategising social media world domination, you'll find her hanging out with her adorable baby boy and hunky husband.